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For years we have been dealing with the topic of media production and its various facets, be it music videos for various artists, image videos for restaurants, content videos for Instagram influencers, recruiting films for international management consultant companies or event films for various Organizers & Fairs. 

Over and over we have observed how organizers and sponsors spent a lot of money for holding great events, but in terms of branding the company logo was just printed on a banner, which stood in the corner. Wouldn't it be wiser to record the event with a stylish video and share it on the social media channels to achieve a greater popularity? We, at DBC - Digital. Business. Content. have made exactly this to our task. With our films and short videos, we support companies to achieve a higher reach and popularity on the internet, be it to win more customers or to get more suitable candidates.

We are absolutely convinced that if companies want to stay modern, successful and alive in these days, they cannot ignore trends such as Instagram or Facebook. Much more, we believe that companies can only survive on nowadays with a high-quality media production & marketing department which does an incredible job in addressing the right target groups. For all companies that want some support in the content jungle of today and a strong marketing partner with an in-house production, we have founded DBC - Digital. Business. Content. As a main part of our concept, we support our business partners not only in media production, but also develop a unique marketing concept and help them to achieve an appealing and atmospheric image on the social media channels, as well as on the website, the current first-customer-touch-point, the face of each company.


“Thanks to DBC and their videos, our events have finally reached the audience we've always wanted and needed!"


 —  Patrick Breuer, Head of WHU MBA Entrepreneurship Roundtable 




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